CLEMENS PICHLER musician / composer / programmer / concept developer / curator

is a sound artist & composer based in Berlin/Germany. He started his musical studies as a child in the field of jazz, playing guitar and bass. Becoming a fully trained bass-player he played in several projects in Austria and Germany.
In order to finance his studies in philosophy at the university of Vienna/Austria he worked for film productions and so it happened – somehow incidentally – that he began to work as a composer for moving images.
While he produced several soundtracks and 7 long-player with different projects until 2009 his interest in experimental and conceptual music began to grow. 2009 he conceived, organized and curated "Radiospotting" – an international exhibition for sound art in public space. Through 13 short-ranged radio stations the visitors were able to listen to the works best on bike equiped with a portable radio.
Together with Enrique Tomás he founded a laptop-orchestra playing Cornelius Cardews "Treatise" in 2011. Enrique and Clemens began to support the local scene for experimental music and started to book artists for the "soundscapes" series in Linz. During the "Ars Electronica" Festival they organized and produced "Sonorous Horreum" – a Multichannel-Exhibition.
In 2012 he moved to Berlin but still has strong links to Austria – like doing compostions for theatre plays: "Clockwork Orange", "Heiße Sohlen", "Magic Afternoon", "Plötzlich Monster" and "Nothing" @Landesthater Linz
Since 2010 he is working on his own experimental musical instruments. PureData as the chosen software becomes his everyday tool.

WORKS Musician since 1993: Birdy, Brunowurstelvonwunster, Buccaneers, Frank Hueber (Eela Craig), Franz Geil, Fump, Funkgeraet, Hans Söllner, Jenny´s Playlist, Linzer Laptop Ensemble, Laine, Madame Humtata, Trio Reflexions, Trullesand, Urban Trip

2002 - part of the german-austrian music producing team "Tres:ciel"
2002 - CD-Release: Tres:ciel – Volume_1
since then producing for various artists / singers
2004 - CD-Release: Laine – "Deep Down Low"
2004 - CD-Release: "Verwegnungen" – sonified poets
since 2005 – composing für movies in cinema and TV as well as for image- and featurefilms
2006 - CD-Release: Laine – "Long Lost Feeling"
2006-2012 "Cellardoor Radioshow" @Radio Fro – radio show for experimental music
2007 - CD-Release: Laine – "Sant é Livet"
2008 - Short Movie "Tatamorgana" (R: Sinisa Vidovic) – composition (Max Ophüls Preis 2009)
2008 - 12" Vinyl-Release: Laine – "Hem"
2008/09 - Exhibition "Radiospotting" – concept, project manager, curator – international soundart exhibition in public space
2009 - Danceperformance @Linz09 Zirkus Revue – "Marilyn Monroe"
2009 - Movie "Punktwachsen" (R.: Stefan Kuowski) – head of music, sound mixer
2009 - Danceperformance "Traffic Flow" with Silke Grabinger @Bregenzer Festspielhaus
2010 - Danceperformance "KILS" with Silke Grabinger / Roderich Mandl @Posthof Linz
2011 - Digital Release: Fump – "Wohlgesonnen"
2011 - founding the "Linzer Laptopensemble" with Enrique Tomás – Interpretation of "Treatise" by Cornelius Cardew
2011 - Exhibition "Sonorous Horreum" – concept, exhibition design, curator, artist
multichannel-soundartexhibiton during the "Ars Electronica" festival with Enrique Tomás
2012 - Theaterproduction "A Clockwork Orange"
composer original music / sounddesign / head of music @Landestheater Linz/A – R.: John F. Kutil
2012 - Live-Performance and Concept "Fragmenturen" – Trio Reflexions @Brucknerhaus Linz
2012/2013 - "Jukebox" Installation – idea / concept / programming @Musiktheater Linz
2013 - Digital Release: Fump – "Prententious Schmalz"
2013 - Theaterproduction "Heisse Sohlen" - head of music / concept @Landestheater Linz/A – R.: John F. Kutil
2013 - Live-Performance "Too Late For White Sails" – The Collective @Kunstquartier Bethanien / Berlin
2013 - Theaterproduction "Dantons Tod" – musical consulting @Landestheater Linz/A – R.: Christian Wittmann
2014 - Short Movie "Darkness is Darkness" (R: Griffin / LA/BERLIN) – composition
2014 - Digital Release: Fump – "Integer to Anything"
2014 - Theaterproduction "Magic Afternoon" – composer / sounddesign / head of music @Landestheater Linz/A – R.: Viktoria Pichler
2014 - Digital Release: Jenny's Playlist– "Who Is Jenny?"
2015 - Trailer-Music: "Cinéma Variété" by Katharaina Gruzei – Crossing Europe Filmfestival
2015 - Theaterproduction "Plötzlich Monster" – composer / sounddesign / head of music @Landestheater Linz/A – R.: John F. Kutil
2016 - Digital Release: Jenny´s Playlist– "Très Ciel"
2016 - Theaterproduction "Nothing" (by Janne Teller) – composer / sounddesign / head of music @Landestheater Linz/A – R.: John F. Kutil
2016 - 12" Vinyl-Release: Jenny's Plalylist – "I Can't Seem to Sleep at Night – Not in This City"
2019 - Digital Release: Jenny´s Playlist– "Burning Adny"
2019 - Soundtrack for "Cycle" - by Robert Kohlhuber